Spring Events: Some that get overshadowed by the cherry blossoms | SWPOD 032

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Heya Weavers,

After teasing an episode on Spring events here in Korea for a couple of weeks now, I’ve finally gotten this episode complete. Ironically, it was somewhat delayed by, you guessed it, the cherry blossoms!

I covered a few upcoming events in this episode, mostly festivals. Below are links to websites for any in need of further detail.

Other Flowers in Bloom 

Taean International Tulip Festival

Hapcheon Hwangmaesan Royal Azaleas Festival

Bamboo Forest 

Damyang Bamboo Festival

Tea Harvesting Season

Boseong Green Tea Festival

Hadong Wild Tea Festival

Other Cultural Events

Icheon Ceramics Festival

ChunHyan Chae Festival

Special Mention: Spring Festivals Post on “The Soul of Seoul Blog”

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