Dream Girls, Pitbull, and more coming to Seoul


What’s up Weavers!

It’s Spring and music is in the air! The next few months are going to present plenty of opportunities to sooth the inner “savage beast”. After a little browsing, we’ve stumbled across a few events – musicals and concerts – that caught our attention so we thought we’d share with you.


Every now and then those of us living here in Seoul get a chance to take in a Broadway style musical. We – well Yoonie – did a little bit of homework so we can give you all a quick rundown on upcoming performances. We even gathered a little extra intel on how you might be able to catch some of these shows at a discount!

A quick overview

Three well known musicals are coming to Seoul this spring, “Jekyll and Hyde”, “Dream Girls”, and “Chicago”. These aren’t Korean adaptations like the ones I mentioned in the “Musicals in Korea” post – and don’t get me wrong, those were great shows in their own right. But these are the original performances, on tour, making a stop in Seoul.

Performances are being put on once or twice each day and tickets rang anywhere from 40,000 to 140,000 won. We’ve seen multiple references to discounts but we’ll have to do just a little more poking around to verify the details.

That being said, be sure to keep an eye open for any updates to this post. We’ll be sure to put the word out on FB, Twitter, and any other social media platforms so follow us at the links below if you’re looking to get in on the discounts.

For now, check out the details in the posters below.

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If you’re motivated less by story lines and more more by the groove itself, we’ve got a couple of events for you as well.

A quick overview

There’s the Muse In City concert featuring Norah Jones and other artist on April 23rd, a Pitbull concert on May 18th, and the Seoul Jazz Festival on May 27th and 28. These differ from the musicals in that they are taking place on a single day with the exception of the Seoul Jazz Festival which takes place over the course of two days.

There are pre-sale discounts for those who grab tickets early so you may be interested in the graphics below.

We’re not sure just yet which of these we’ll be trying to attend but as of now, we’re leaning toward Dream Girls and the Seoul jazz festival. I remember hearing Jamiroquai was awesome live. Although, Chicago is a classic and I’ve never even seen that before. Decisions, decisions, haha!

In any case, we hope this post is helpful for those of you who are here in Korea and might be interested in some of these events. Have you been to any concerts or musicals in Seoul? What was the experience like? Let us know in the comments.

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