Gyeran Jjim | SWDD 010


Hangul: 계란찜; Gye-ran-jjim
English Name: Egg Casserole
Literal Translation: Eggs steamed

This dish is a simple and tasty little side with a light and fluffy texture that many will enjoy. As the literal translation suggests, the primary ingredient is eggs which are mixed with water, salted, and steamed. You’ll usually see it topped or mixed with some sesame seeds, green onions, and red peppers though some cooks will add other ingredient to put their own little twist on it.

As mentioned in the previous Daily Dish description of samgyeopsal, gyeran jjim is a popular side in gogi houses. It’s usually served in a little stone bowl – similar to the ones in which you’ll see doenjung jjigae served – and placed at the table for all diners to share. This dish is a yet another enjoyable part of the gogi jib experience.