Buldak | SWDD 018

Buldak Hangul: 불닭; bool-dak English Name: Spicy Chicken Literal translation: Fire Chicken Buldak, chicken that bites back! If your one of those who is fond of spicy food, this dish will be right up your alley. Grilled chicken covered in a thick sauce combine to give diners a sweet, tangy, and spicy experience sure to […]

Bossam | SWDD 017

Bossam Hangul: 보쌈; bo-ssam English Name: Boiled pork wraps Literal translation: wrapped / packaged Bossam is a popular pork dish in Korean cuisine and for good reason! The meat boiled in a savory broth of select herbs and spices serves as an appetizing centrepiece amongst a platter of delicious sangchu and jeon often presented to […]

Jaeyook Bokkeum | SWDD 016

JaeYook Bokkeum Hangul: 제육볶음 English Name: spicy marinated pork with rice Literal translation: spicy stir-fried pork Simply put, Jaeyook Bokkeum is marinated pork stir-fry with mixed vegetables. It’s a straight forward dish that can be found at all types of restaurants and is enjoyed regularly all across Korea. Despite this fact, the dish is sometimes […]

Galbi | SWDD 015

The term galbi (or kalbi) literally means “rib” and can actually pertain to many different types of meat. In those cases though, most will differentiate with further description, yang galbi or takgalbi for example. However, when you hear the term used on it’s own, “Lets go get some galbi!” people are usually referring to beef […]

Samgyetang | SWDD 014

Hangul: 삼계탕; Sam-gye-tang English Name: Ginseng Chicken Soup Literal translation: Ginseng Chicken Soup This dish is pretty amazing. It’s actually a small chicken stuffed with ginseng root, dates, and sweet rice, and garlic and dropped into a soup. You’ll also see some out of the ordinary ingredients as well. I specifically recall coming across wooden […]

Nakji Bokkeum | SWDD 013

Hangul: 낙지볶음; Nak-ji-bok-um English Name: Spicy Stir-fried Octopus Literal translation: Octopus Stir This seafood dish marks the start of the separation of those who like seafood from those who LOVE seafood. Nakji bokkeum is chopped octopus and mixed veggies marinated in a gochujang based sauce. This sauce gives the dish that sweet and spicy taste  […]

Japchae | SWDD 012

Hangul: 잡채 ; Jap-chae English Name: Korean Glass Noodles Literal Translation: Mixed and stirred vegetables This is a popular side dish that is seen quite often in Korean cuisine. When considering this dish, most probably think of dangmyeon – the signature, clear or “glass” noodles that are often included in japchae recipes.

Kongnamul Bap | SWDD 011

Hangul: 콩나물밥 ; kong-na-mul-bap English Name: Rice with Bean sprouts Literal Translation: Soybean sprout rice Todays dish is a simple one but it’ll start a bit of a mini segment centered around an ingredient that is often served as a banchan (side dish) but also featured in a number of Korean dishes. Since today is […]

Gyeran Jjim | SWDD 010

Hangul: 계란찜; Gye-ran-jjim English Name: Egg Casserole Literal Translation: Eggs steamed This dish is a simple and tasty little side with a light and fluffy texture that many will enjoy. As the literal translation suggests, the primary ingredient is eggs which are mixed with water, salted, and steamed. You’ll usually see it topped or mixed […]

Samgyeopsal | SWDD 009

Hangul: 삼겹살 ; Sam-gyeop-sal English Name: Pork Belly Literal Translation: 3 layered meat Ahhh samgyeopsal. This particular dish is bound to be on your “most liked” list if you’re a fan of meat, especially pork. In short, it’s slices of pork belly. It has some similarities to bacon but the curing process is different and […]