Kongnamul Bap | SWDD 011

Hangul: 콩나물밥 ; kong-na-mul-bap English Name: Rice with Bean sprouts Literal Translation: Soybean sprout rice Todays dish is a simple one but it’ll start a bit of a mini segment centered around an ingredient that is often served as a banchan (side dish) but also featured in a number of Korean dishes. Since today is […]

Gyeran Jjim | SWDD 010

Hangul: 계란찜; Gye-ran-jjim English Name: Egg Casserole Literal Translation: Eggs steamed This dish is a simple and tasty little side with a light and fluffy texture that many will enjoy. As the literal translation suggests, the primary ingredient is eggs which are mixed with water, salted, and steamed. You’ll usually see it topped or mixed […]

Samgyeopsal | SWDD 009

Hangul: 삼겹살 ; Sam-gyeop-sal English Name: Pork Belly Literal Translation: 3 layered meat Ahhh samgyeopsal. This particular dish is bound to be on your “most liked” list if you’re a fan of meat, especially pork. In short, it’s slices of pork belly. It has some similarities to bacon but the curing process is different and […]

Kalguksu | SWDD 008 |

There are several ways to convert dough into strands or other various shapes that we’ve come to know as pasta. As we cover noodle dishes in the future, we’ll make it a point to identify the method of creation (some are pretty interesting). For now though, we’ll focus on the method used to create todays […]